In the end, it was always Humanity…

Six years ago, someone made a grave mistake. In the time that has followed, all of the supernatural beings blamed other groups. The vampires blamed the werewolves, the werewolves blamed the mages, the mages blamed everyone else. It doesn’t really matter who caused it any more – the result is the same no matter what the truth is. Mankind discovered the truth, the existence of the supernatural forces within the world. Faced with a threat they barely understood, Humanity at long last found the common enemy it needed to rally together. Instead of facing enemies such as the Sabbat or Black Spiral Dancers, instead the names they began to fear were NATO and CDC.

Highly trained assault teams were rapidly deployed across the world, aided by highly advanced technology. Hundreds of supernatural creatures were hunted down and eradicated. Many others were captured and experimented on in heavily secured laboratories. Numbers and resources became mankind’s greatest advantage, using air strikes and attack drones to soften up harder targets.

Driven to Ground